Toyota Corolla AE70 Sprinter 1979

We have been talking about various Japanese cars for a long time. Some of them are widely known, while others are only loved by enthusiasts. But there are models that were destined to become the Japanese people’s car, to pass through the ages, and to remain in the top sales of new cars to this day. Toyota Corolla in its fourth generation.

 Mercedes-Benz W126 1987

Close your eyes and imagine an ideal luxury car. What qualities should it possess? If it should be monumental, elite, and slightly ostentatious – like a Buckingham Palace on wheels – you’re thinking of Rolls-Royce. If it embodies British aristocracy, refined yet not excessively large – you’re thinking of Bentley. And if you think it should befit an official figure who is busy with work rather than exuding an excessive sense of importance – you’re likely envisioning the Mercedes S-Class.

Honda City Turbo II 1983

Over the years, VTEC has become a true religion for fans of the Honda brand. But was there hot hatch life before Civic, and were there technologies before variable valve timing? The answer to this question needs to be sought far back in history, which is what we’ll do today with this tiny Honda, arguably […]

Mitsubishi Sapporo 1981

I think today you’ll be a bit pleased, as we won’t be telling you about another Toyota, although we won’t be straying far from the rails of Japanese industry. Today we’re going to talk about a Mitsubishi model that, during its 8 years on the assembly line, managed to masquerade as Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler, and […]

Toyota Corona ST-140 Hardtop 1982

It so happened that one can talk about Toyota cars almost endlessly: the model range of this manufacturer was too extensive from the early 1980s to the late 2000s. Some models, like the Corolla and Land Cruiser, have survived to this day, while others have ceased to exist. Today, we will talk about the Corona […]

Toyota Corsa L20 1982

After the fuel crisis in the USA in 1973, Japanese car manufacturers vividly demonstrated to Americans all the advantages of compact front-wheel-drive hatchbacks that were fuel-efficient, affordable, and reliable. The move towards the North American market sparked a trend of naming the same car differently to emphasize its readiness for a particular market. Today we […]

Daihatsu Mira L55 1983

Recently, we told you about the cheap cars of post-war Europe. We’ve understood the reasons for their emergence at that time, but what now prompts one of the most technologically advanced nations to produce cars with an engine volume of a pint of beer and actively use them? Of course, we’re talking about Japan and […]