How does the classic car community end the season?

On a Friday evening, some people prefer to spend it at home, while others might go to clubs and bars. However, there are those, like me, who spend evenings in the company of people for whom cars have long ceased to be a simple means of transportation, satisfying the need to move from point A to point B.
“What kind of people are they?” you may ask me. They are people for whom cars have become the love of their lives. The “Veterok” car club has had and continues to have a huge influence on car culture in Russia. I cannot help but emphasize that since their appearance, people in our country have become increasingly interested in such classic cars and the desire of these guys to preserve the originality of the car’s design truly amazes me.
But let’s go back a couple of years when the club was just starting to form. At the beginning of their journey, they watched various video translations from BMI Russia and we, as inexperienced viewers, eagerly absorbed a mass of foreign content related to classic cars. Since then, we have become familiar with channels and videos that we had never heard of before.
Among other things, club members, like parts of one big family, started to gather more and more often at one of the Moscow coffee shops, discussing life, work, and, of course, their beloved cars.

Over time, club members started organizing closed car rallies and, together with other classic car enthusiasts, ventured into the surrounding areas of Moscow and European countries. Last summer, they organized their first exhibition at the “Hlebzavod” space. In the same year, “Veterok” was involved in organizing new car rallies, an incredible exhibition (as we mentioned earlier) and a memorable season closing event. However, despite all this, they still continue to translate videos for us from foreign bloggers and publications.

Why did I decide to tell you about this? Firstly, because they are the only ones who do something not only for themselves but also for others while enjoying themselves. In our country, there have been various exclusive closed car clubs for quite some time, but ask yourself: have they made any contribution to car culture? I firmly answered this question a few years ago. Thanks to “Veterok,” more and more people are becoming interested in classic cars every day.

But the opportunity for anyone interested to come to the exhibition and enjoy iconic cars in a pleasant atmosphere was not previously available.
In the three years of their existence, they have brought together an incredible group of people who work together, become friends, and exchange various information from the world of culture. You may argue with me, saying that all of this existed before. Yes, however, now anyone can join “Veterok,” unlike the closed clubs I mentioned earlier. The main thing is that your car meets certain criteria, which are quite simple and concise. If you want to be part of their community, your car should be in perfect or excellent condition (mostly stock, without rusted sills) and it should not have inappropriate modifications. You don’t necessarily have to have a Ferrari or Porsche. The club includes cars like the Fiat Coupe 20V or the 1990 Saab 900.

Let’s go back to the exhibition. In addition to the showcased cars, special attention should be paid to the visual design. Nowadays, the atmosphere of the Tretyakov Gallery doesn’t surprise anyone, so the enthusiasts took it a step further. Why not combine the exhibition, laser show and pleasant company all in one package?

The Oscar Club, which provides car storage and detailing services, became the perfect venue to meet all the organizers’ requirements. For one evening, the spacious venue transformed into a realm of light and unique, if not epochal, cars. There were a total of 12 cars, and simply listing these models would describe all my excitement. The highlight of the program was the Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Series 1, which was accompanied by a lecture and visually stunning presentation. In our previous article, we already praised the elegance of these rounded, classic shapes, so we won’t repeat ourselves – you may find it more interesting to revisit the previously published article. Keeping the Jaguar company was its younger descendant, the equally attractive Jaguar XJS Cabrio. Representing the British sports school was the Lotus Esprit. Porsche 356A and Porsche Carrera GT were undoubtedly the main guests from Stuttgart, which you may know from a vast number of videos and video games. The almost rally-ready Lancia Delta Integrale EVO 1 and Lancia Fulvia HF neighbored the unique Lamborghini LM002, which until recently held the title of the only Lamborghini SUV but now proudly carries the subtitle “classic SUV.” German power was represented by the Mercedes SLS, better known as the “Gullwing” and the very first “3 series” of the BMW M series – the E30 M3. The American GT presence was felt through the Chevrolet Corvette – a great choice, isn’t it?

The evening brought together around 300 members and friends of the club, creating a pleasant corporate atmosphere in a very friendly company. And how these vintage cars looked in colorful illumination… Perhaps, this is one of the most amazing exhibitions I have ever seen! We often talk about car culture and encourage its cultivation and respect in all its manifestations, but it is events like these that popularize it to the fullest in the eyes of our friends, neighbors, and work colleagues. Not everyone can appreciate the beauty of classic car bodies, but everyone can appreciate the same beauty illuminated by neon lights. I believe that some of these photos are worthy of gracing your desktop and the article is worthy of being shared with your friend.

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